Baseball…A classic Tradition

Above: Teamates Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig pose for a photo o the top step of the Yankee dugout.

Baseball, Americas pastime. Every summer Americans from coast to coast watch, play, listen to or read about the game that has been a vibrate part of  American culture since the early 1900’s. Not much has changed since then. It’s still played with a wooden bat, rawhide ball and a leather glove. Although the materials and styles have been modified the uniforms are relatively the same. Baseball has always had its stars, starting with Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson and Honus Wagner. To Ken Griffey Jr, Derrick Jeter, Albert Pujols and C.C Sabathia.

A big factor in keeping this treasured tradition alive  is  a bit of romanticism. The bright sun illuminating the emerald grass and dark sand. The smell of hot dogs and garlic fries floats in the air, calling you to visit the concession stand. The cracking of a wooden bat, the  popping of  leather baseball mits and loud cheering after a big play sounds around the stadium. The company of friends and family and “hi fiving” strangers after a big play is a great experience. Some of my best memories have been at the stadium with my grandpa, best friends and my parents.  The way we watch a game at the stadium is the same way Americans watched it a 100 years ago.

Baseball brings us together, it inspires conversations  and arguments at the coffee shop, office  and class room. As a young  child, the sound of  Dave Niehaus the Mariners play- by-play announcer talked me to sleep as his voice droned over my bedside radio.

Baseball has been a big part in our society handed down from generation to generation and will hopefully remain as so.

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